By October 26, 2012IN THE STUDIO
Tony Duran and 2ETN


Tony Duran: Look him up on the internet and you will find his website is under construction, however, press on images and watch as pages and pages fill up with mostly black and white photographs. Tony Duran is an American photographer, widely revered in the fashion industry.We are oh-so-familiar with Duran’s work, so we were very interested in how Mr. Duran & our friend Louis Verdad would use 2ETN pieces in their latest collaboration: “La Voice de Colore”. Here are the results from that shoot:



Yes, for Tony Duran, these photos were uncharacteristically shot in color, with only one image in black & white.

We couldn’t find much in the way of an official biography on Tony Duran, however, believe that his photographs speak volumes. What we did find pretty much sums up his work and the person behind the lens:

Mr. Duran does not shy away from controversy and through it all has managed to stay true to his vision:  “I treat each subject with the same approach, be it models or actors, or a person off the street. People just want to look more beautiful and sexy than they did when they walked in the door. It is all a fantasy, a fantasy that I am more than willing to provide.”

Duran has been called both “genius” and “brilliant,” and his work has been said to express “unrivaled artistic vision”.

“I make females look strong, males look slightly feminine but masculine at the same time”.


Thank you to Tony Duran and Lois Verdad for including 2ETN in your (colorful) collaboration.