Capuchin Crypt

1930′s Eisenberg Original Read more..

Wicked Grin

Wicked Grin, 1930′s Eisenberg Original
Read more..

Hawk, Hummingbird, Owl

Hawk, Hummingbird, Owl Read more..


1930′s Eisenberg Necklace, Sterling Read more..

For Joseph Cornell

Sterling Silver, Acrylic Image Read more..

Day of the Dead

Sterling Silver, Acrylic Image, Read more..

Jewelled Scarab

Sterling, Green Turquoise, Read more..

Amber Eye

1930′s Eisenberg, Czech Glass, Read more..


Sterling Silver Cuff, Graphite Image. Read more..

Sacred Heart

1930′s Eisenberg Brooch converted in to a Read more..


Sterling Silver Frame, Graphite Image,

Vintage Rough Cut Quartz Crystal and Sterling.

Sold: Blackmail Atelier  Austin, TX

Skeleton A.D.

Sterling Silver Cuff Read more..

Sleep Of Death

1930′s Eisenberg, Czech Glass Read more..

Crested Eagle

Sterling Silver, Acrylic Image Read more..

Yellow Butterfly

Sterling Silver,  Oxidized, Acrylic Image, Read more..

Hooded Falcon

Sterling Silver Ring, Reclaimed Read more..

Eye Links

Sterling Silver Cuff Links, Read more..

Night Vision

Sterling Silver, Smokey Topaz Read more..

Rainforest Hummingbird

Sterling Silver, Czech Glass Read more..


Sterling Silver, Read more..