As photographic methods became more popular and accessible, miniature painting became a lost art.

As the former Metropolitan Museum scholar Harry Wehle put it in 1927, “The miniature in the presence of the photograph was like a bird before a snake; it was fascinated—even to the fatal point of imitation—then it was swallowed.” Read more..


Why the Buffalo? That is a question 2ETN hears more than once a day. There is no simple answer, like our jewelry , the answer is multi-layered and not easy to describe. The passion we have for the Buffalo is rooted in what is this land that we call “America” is all about…the short answer is that 2ETN draws inspiration from the land, nature, the history of this land and the what came before us. Read more..

2ETN: Re-Design, Re-Discover, Re-Examine and REFUELED

The magic of re-discovering treasures and original thoughts…in the process of re-designing 2ETN’s website, we had the extraordinary opportunity to re-examine 2ETN’s design philosophy and our roots. This stunning journey began with a single focus: seeking to re-define what precious and luxury jewelry is through Eco practices. And through that lens we have been incredibly lucky to have met many amazing like-minded people along the way. People we now know as friends, and this community just keeps growing and growing. The positive creative energy is contagious. This community never ceases to give of themselves; they are tireless in their missions. 2ETN is inspired daily by these creatives and so along with writing about what is happening in our studio, we will be sharing the stories of others that touch us deeply and influence us greatly.

One of the very first people that showed 2ETN his generosity of time and spirit was Chris Brown of Refueled Magazine.

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Sass Brown is a full-time professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York, and lives in Florence, Italy, where she is Resident Director for its overseas programme. She has created collections for myriad manufacturers, from urban clothing for London’s trend conscious teenagers, to her own signature collection of women’s designer sportswear. She specializes in ethical design practices in the fashion industry and has worked with many women’s cooperatives, most notably in Latin America. Read more..


Rainforest Hummingbird: Acrylic Image of Hummingbird encased in a sterling silver frame with a choker made with steel, Read more..


2ETN was commissioned to make their first Lover’s Eve piece  in 2009.  A reclaimed 14kt gold Snake Ring with previously used pearls, sapphires and diamonds, that formed a frame to house our oil painting of a lover’s eye shedding a tear. Two months later the same client commissioned a necklace. This time we used an Eisenberg Original Brooch from the 1930’s and created a lovers eye in graphite in the center, and used vintage Czech glass and sterling silver for the necklace. Both pieces are in the photo above. Read more..


When Robin Keyser from Project Artisan came to us and suggested that 2ETN design a few pieces of jewelry to be featured in Louis Verdad’s re-launch show in Los Angeles, we were honored and also a bit curious on how we would work in such vibrant COLOR. Read more..