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Art & Activism
The Power of Adornment

The miniature in the presence of a photograph was like a bird before a snake, it was fascinated-

even to the fatal point of imitation-and then it was swallowed.
-Harry Wehle


In June of 2012, we wrote about miniature painting being a lost art & at the end of 2016 elaborated on that subject & created a magazine.

In this portfolio/magazine we asked individuals that have been of great inspiration to us to be photographed in a piece of our jewelry that spoke to them. We then asked for their biographies & a quote to accompany their portrait & interspersed those pages with stand alone images of our jewelry. Our hope is to tell stories & create conversations. Stories that are personal, environmental and political.  The motivation for this project was fueled by our desire to pay homage to those that are tirelessly working to create a just & sustainable future, socially and environmentally. This portfolio/magazine is our thank you, our expression of gratitude & of acknowledgement of the inspirations that have been presented to us in & influence our work.  It is also reaffirms our belief in the power of adornment & the act of wearing jewelry & story telling as a forms of activism.

Read Like A Bird Before A Snake Here.