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Curated by Chris Brown/Refueled Magazine.

Ok, so you have to login. That’s a good thing. Why? Well, in their own words: “Made Collection is the world’s first flash-sale website for premium US-made products. If Americans buy just 1% more stuff made here, it will create 200,000 jobs. Register today and put yourself at the forefront of a movement”.

So, let’s all login and climb on board!

2ETN was honored to be invited in to this movement, one that is close to our heart and the reason we do what we do.

After you become apart of the MADE movement, please meet our friend Chris Brown (editor of REFUELED MAG) , next meet the team behind MADE COLLECTION/MOVEMENT: Dave, Scott and John, with a special shout out to Edie and Aimee! Wanna hear what the New York Times is saying about MADE and it’s creators? Well, for starters the headline is: A Label That Has Regained Its Luster. The rest of the story goes like this: Made Collection, the flash-sale site, and Made Movement, an advertising agency that represents companies that manufacture only in America. (“If Apple came to us, we’d have to turn them down”),

Their mission :

MADE Movement is a marketing agency dedicated to supporting a resurgence in American manufacturing.

We do this in two ways:


We propel brands that make things in America with business-solving, needle-moving strategy and marketing.


We curate premium American-made products and offer them directly to customers in a fun, flash-sale format.

When people buy awesome stuff, Awesome stuff happens.

For example, check out MADE COLLECTION stories.

Wanna know what Chris Brown is going to be for Halloween? What inspires Alabama Chanin,

Strawfoot Handmade or 2ETN?

Or better yet, why purchasing the 2ETN Bone Snake Necklace will get you 9, 520 BOOM POINTS?

2ETN Bone Snake Necklace

Well, it’s all here in MADE COLLECTION’S :